Frank Ellerbrock

Are you interested in designing and creating
functional robots? Can you see yourself inventing
products using the computer as your “drawing
board”? Are you a precision oriented person with
basic computer skills? If you answered “YES” to any
of these questions, New Market’s Robotic Technology
program may be a great fit for you.
The program’s emphasis is on car robotics, which
you will design and program to operate. You will
also receive training on robotic milling machines,
2D/3D MASTERCAM graphics technology, precision
measuring, and technical drawing.
This cutting edge program partners with DigiPen
Institute, providing you with real world curriculum
and access to DigiPen’s expert instructors. DigiPen is
the first college in the world to offer a degree in video
game programming, a field which has many overlapping
skills with robotics related manufacturing.
In the Robotic Technology program, you will gain a
strong foundation for continued education and/or
the ability to enter the workforce in an entry level
position with a high-tech engineering firm.
As in any field, the most successful workers are
professional in their approach to their job and
demonstrate leadership skills. New Market will help
you acquire these skills with training in time
management, teamwork, organization, communication,
problem solving, decision-making, and
customer service.