Crystal Foster

The Microsoft Office course is a “must have” if you
are considering an office career or want to go
beyond the more basic overview of this powerful,
suite of office software. In this class, you will have
the opportunity to gain advanced skills in the use
of Microsoft Office XP, including Word, Excel,
PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access.
This team oriented course covers all Office XP suite
programs in-depth, plus provides a six week
internship at a job site to hone your newly acquired
skills. The program is taught by a Microsoft Master
Instructor who will spend the first 12 weeks focused
on Microsoft Word and Outlook, the second 12 on
Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint, and the third 12 on
Access and Portfolio. Finally, not only does this class
teach you how to use current industry standard
software, but it also teaches you how to learn new
software programs.
The most successful workers in any field are
professional in their approach to their job and
demonstrate leadership skills. New Market will help
you acquire these skills with training in time
management, teamwork, organization, communication,
problem solving, decision-making, and
customer service. Job search skills will also be
emphasized and reading, writing and math skills
will be incorporated into the curriculum as well.