Geographic Information Systems (GISs) are rapidly
becoming the essential tools of analysis at all levels
of public, private and non-profit organizations.
People with the skills to use them are in high
demand across a broad range of professions. New
Market’s GIS program can start you down a career
path in this promising field.
In the GIS program, you will: learn all about the
process of gathering, storing, manipulating, and
analyzing data; explore the impact of urban
development through the creation of maps; and
experience realtime monitoring using state-of-theart
Global Positioning Systems (GPSs) navigational
equipment. You will also gain a new, data-driven
understanding of the world around you, while
developing your critical thinking and analytical
skills. These are attributes that will serve you well in
any job.
The use of GISs and GPSs have become so widespread
that whether you are looking into a career in
engineering, environmental preservation, geology,
catography, business, manufacturing, natural
resources, marketing, political science, or urban affairs,
your new found skills will add to your success.
The most successful workers in any field are
professional in their approach to their job and
demonstrate leadership skills. New Market will help
you develop skills in time management, teamwork,
organization, communication, problem solving, and