Is life as an emergency services worker for you?
Would you like to be a firefighter, EMT, fire inspector,
paramedic or wildland firefighter? With the
Littlerock Fire Station* as your classroom, New
Market’s Emergency Services program will immerse
you in the realities of what it takes to be an emergency
services worker, and start you down the path of
building the skills and knowledge needed to be
successful in this exciting field.
In this program, you will learn to safely operate
emergency vehicles, search and rescue equipment,
vehicle extrication tools, fire hose and streams, selfcontained
breathing apparatus, specialty power
tools, and emergency medical equipment. Through
hands-on experiences, you will be trained at
providing expert, professional care to those in need,
as well as hone your teamwork, organization,
communication and problem solving skills.
Upon successfully completing the program, you will
be ready for the state written examination for the
Firefighter I certification** and entry into the
Emergency Medical Technician** (EMT) class.
Although additional training and testing will be
necessary to obtain paid positions, the Emergency
Services program provides a strong foundation for
further education. Other employability factors in
the emergency services field include physical ability
and passage of a criminal background check.
* Own transportation required.
** Firefighter I test and EMT class require you to be 18 and a
high school graduate or equivalent.