Norma Loree

The Academy of Finance, with a broad range of
nationally developed curricula, features courses in
Banking & Credit and Accounting. This business
oriented program will provide you with the core
experiences and knowledge needed for an entrylevel
position at a bank, credit union, retail store, or
any company that needs someone to handle
financial transactions and customer service.
Internships are an integral part of this course. The
Academy of Finance’s business partner, Washington
State Employees Credit Union (WSECU), provides
opportunities for students like you to have handson
experience in their New Market campus branch.
Additionally, at least two WSECU teller positions a
year are offered for second year students. You may
also qualify for internship positions at other
financial institutions that support the class.
Regardless of emphasis, your studies will include
basic skills used in financial institutions such as
teller operation, cash handling, customer service
and computer operation. Other skills taught include
accounting procedures for balancing finances,
processing a loan, calculating interest and preparing
personal tax returns.
Additional choices for study through the Academy
of Finance include: Economics and the World of
Finance, Financial Planning, Securities, Insurance,
International Finance, Introduction to Financial
Services, Business Computer Applications, and
Strategies for Success and Principles of Finance.