How do I enroll in New Market?

Find out all the details about the program of your choice from your counselor. Talk to students who are in the program now.
Meet with your counselor, review your credits/schedule and obtain approval to apply (some programs also require an interview).
Make arrangements to visit the program if you want more information or would like to meet with the instructor.
Complete an official NMVSC application and return it to your school counselor.
Obtain confirmation of enrollment from your school counselor or the NMVSC Registrar at 360.570.4513.

Remember…these are the steps necessary if you wish to apply for programs offered through New Market Vocational Skills Center. See your high school counselor TODAY! Contact NMVSC for further information and/or to arrange a visit to a program.

Your counselor at your home high school has application forms for you to fill out if you would like to attend New Market Vocational Skills Center. Return the completed application to your counselor who will forward it to NMVSC.

If you wish to check us out before enrolling, call 570-4504, and make an appointment to meet with Joe Kinerk. You will be provided general information about the overall school and specific information if you have identified a program in which you are interested. A tour of the facility and the opportunity to speak with program instructors can be arranged.

If you have any questions please call 360-570-4500 or visit our Contact page.