Dan McCarty

Can you see yourself as a child psychologist or
elementary school teacher? Maybe you want to
own or operate a preschool or be a childcare
provider? The Early Childhood Education program
will prepare you for a career working with children.
The Early Childhood Education program is offered
off-site* at the Serendipity Child Care Center at The
Valley Athletic Club. This unique learning environment
provides both classroom experience as well as
work-based learning at Serendipity’s licensed
preschool, kindergarten, and childcare facility.
Successful early childhood professionals share core
skills and knowledge that are taught in this indepth
program. Understanding stages of human
growth and development, creating positive learning
environments, planning and teaching children’s
activities, and working with groups, are all covered
in this comprehensive program.
After mastering the core areas, you will have the
opportunity to apply skills learned through an
internship* with a local child care business/provider.
New Market also will help you develop skills in time
management, teamwork, organization, communication,
problem solving, decision-making, and customer
This program is only offered during the morning
session (8-10:30 a.m.).
* Own transportation required.