New Market Deli Menu


Salad bar

$4.99 per pound

Specialty Salads
Starting at $5.99 per pound

Panini Sandwich 4.75

Deli Case Items

Soup of the day
Cup 1.75
bowl 2.25

Special of the day
*Priced Daily*

Broccoli Salad
Cous Cous
Roasted Veggie w/basil
Potato Salad
Italian Pasta
Greek Salad
Turkey Pasta Salad
Chicken Sesame Salad

The Grill

Cheese 1.50
Pepperoni 1.50
Combinations 1.50
Canadian Bacon Pineapple 1.50

Fish n Chips 4.75

Hamburgers 2.25

Topped with Mayo, Pickles, Lettuce, tomato, Onion and Thousand island

Tuna Salad 4.50
Ham & Swiss Melt 4.75

Chipotle Turkey 4.75
Philly Sandwich 4.75
Roast Beef 4.75
California Chicken 4.75
Tuna Melt 4.75
BLT 4.50

Grilled Cheese 3.50

Spud of the day
Sm 1.50
lg 2.00