Matt Gordon

Throughout the South Sound and the state, many
job opportunities exist in the building industry. New
Market’s Construction Trades program will prepare
you for jobs with contractors, suppliers, construction
management companies, and other businesses
involved in the construction industry.
Construction Trades is a pre-apprenticeship program
designed to provide basic construction
industry knowledge and skills. Information presented
is intended to prepare students like you for
entry into an apprenticeship in the construction
trades. You will ensure your success in this program
by being actively involved in the entire program,
carefully following practice activities and successfully
completing workbook exercises.
The course covers: design and blueprint process, lot
development, subfloor construction, rough framing
and carpentry, wall and roof construction, and
proper and safe tool use. This is a two year program,
although you may enroll for one year.
The most successful workers in any field are
professional in their approach to their job and
demonstrate leadership skills. New Market will help
you acquire these skills with training in time
management, teamwork, organization, communication,
problem solving, decision-making, and
customer service.