Clarence Case

From police officer to dispatcher, corrections officer
to records clerk, New Market’s popular Criminal
Justice/Protective Services program will provide
you a professional foundation for a career in this
growing employment field.
You will receive training in: critical analysis, conflict
resolution, technical report writing, investigative
procedures, fingerprinting, print lifting and classifying,
traffic stop techniques, motor vehicle and
building searches, and record keeping. Other
learning opportunities include field trips to criminal
justice and public service facilities, interaction with
guest speakers from law enforcement and the
courts, and YMCA Mock Trial competitions.
How laws are created, the difference between
criminal and civil laws, and law enforcement ethics
will be explored with personnel from such places as
the Thurston County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office,
Lacey, Olympia and Tumwater Police Departments,
Thurston County Sheriff’s Department, the Washington
State Patrol, and other law enforcement agencies.
You will investigate the roles of law enforcement
agencies, the courts, and the correctional system, as
well as the job opportunities that each presents.
The most successful workers in any field are professional
in their approach to their job and demonstrate
leadership skills. New Market will help you acquire
these skills with training in time management,
teamwork, organization, communication, problem
solving, decision-making, and customer service.