The industry demand for qualified automotive
technicians continues to expand rapidly. Jobs in this
field are abundant in automotive dealerships,
independent garages, and organizations with
vehicle fleets. Start down this promising career path
with training in New Market’s Automotive Service
Technology program.
A National Automotive Technician Education
Foundation (NATEF) certificated training facility,
New Market’s program is presented in a two-year
format. The first year covers a comprehensive
overview of the automotive system, as well as shop
operations, safety, and environmental controls. The
second year focuses on an in-depth study of the
four basic ASE areas of electronics, power train,
brakes and suspension, and management.
Additionally, New Market is part of the Automotive
Youth Education System (AYES), providing internships
and employment opportunities at local repair
facilities. The AYES program was developed by
automotive manufacturers to provide work site
experience. It also includes mentors and job shadowing.
The most successful workers in any field are
professional in their approach to their job and
demonstrate leadership skills. New Market will help
you acquire these skills with training in time
management, teamwork, organization, communication,
problem solving, decision-making, and
customer service.

Dave Boos
Randy Bachtell