Planning, Pathways, Projects, Portfolios and Parents, also known as the 5 P’s, are the basic tools a student needs to organize, plan for and achieve any career goal.

All seniors involved in a full year NMVSC training program will complete a Plan, Project and Portfolio in order to receive a competency certificate and professionalism grade. Any prior portfolio work completed at the home high school will be accepted if it meets the NMVSC program standards.

A possible 4th credit (.34) is available if additional requirements are met. See your instructor or Career Center staff.

Below is the basic outline for 5 P’s completion. Each program’s timeline will differ slightly, but all NMVSC instructors assign major 5 P’s activities each grading period. The page following this shows a complete checklist of items included in NMVSC’s professional development portfolio. Parent involvement is key to the successful 5 P’s outcomes; please ask us how you can help guide your teen through this valuable career development project!

Pathway and Portfolio Development

Career Developmentt (September-December)

Work Based Learning experiences (continuous)

Scholarship preparation activities (September-November)

Community Service (continuous)

Leadership (September-June)

Collect best work samples from NM training program (continuous)


Develop a post-NMVSC action plan for one of the following (September-April):

Entry into a Career Technical College, Community College or University

Entry into an Apprenticeship program

Entry into the Military


(Post-secondary/Scholarship plan and paperwork should be finalized by December)


Collect writing/math samples or photograph technical demonstrations of best program work (Ongoing)

Develop a project or research paper in which student demonstrates knowledge and competency within their training area.

Outline and practice a 10-15 minute presentation (January-April) to include the following:

§ 5 minutes: Description of accomplishments and portfolio contents

§ 5 minutes: Description of the Education/Career Development Plan

§ 5 minutes: Demonstration of their project (hands on, multi-media or utilizing technology)

5P’s Timeline

Items due by October 19:

· Career Planning Interview

· Career Pathway Assessments

· Career Pathway Summary

· Education + Career Plan Draft

Items due by December 3rd:

· Job Search Tools

· Financial Aid Research

· Scholarship materials

· Letter of Recommendation

Items due by January 31:

· Education + Career Plan Review

·Portfolio Review/Update

· Practice Presentations

Items due by March 17:

· Draft of Project presentation

· Continue Portfolio Organization

Items due by April 29:

· Culminating Project- Final Version

·Portfolio Final Review

· Presentation Practice Sessions

Items completed by May 27:

· Senior Culminating Project Presentations

· Final Update – Education + Career Plan

Items due by June 10:

Final Grades are Issued